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Highly Reliable Smart Home Automation and Controls

Smart Home Automation & Control Solutions

Clarity’s SMART-HOME-AUTOMATION simply refers to the Automatic and Electronic control of all the household features, complete activity and appliances used. In simplified meaning you can effortlessly control the utilities and all the features of your home in a smart way via the Internet to make it more convenient and secure. Plus, this in a way also help you spend lesser on household bills.
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Technically the term Smart-Home-Automation refers to a Network of Multiple Hardware, Internal Communication and Electronic interfaces that collectively work to integrate everyday devices with one another through the Internet. The sensor in each device is connected through the Internet WIFI so that they can be managed via your smartphone whether you are home or away. This will allow you to TURN ON/OFF LIGHTS, LOCK/OPEN DOORS, CONTROL AIRCONDITION, MONITOR SECURITY SYSTEMS etc no matter where you are.
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Main Features of Smart-Home-Automation:

  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Fire Safety Monitoring
  • Appliance Control
  • Thermostat Controls
  • CCTV & Security Controls
  • Alarm Systems
  • Voice Activation
  • Key Less Entry
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